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Brand + Identity building for people who are changing the world

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What makes your work extraordinary?

You've probably spent a lot of time and energy crafting well-polished answers to that question. But even with all that effort, it’s surprisingly easy to miss the mark on the one thing that unquestionably sets your work apart from the rest...


Truth Love + Marketing    is an identity development framework to help companies like yours, who are doing work that really matters in the world, to define and leverage the most powerful parts of who you are, so you can not only create the traction your business needs, you can change the world with what you’re doing.



Ready to change the world?

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Create an engaging program for your next event

Whether you have 45 minutes or a full day, we’ll work with you and your team to craft a program that incorporates the fundamental concepts of Truth Love + Marketing® into your event, large or small. Our hands-on workshops will help your audience tap into the power of who they really are, understand how it applies to what they do, and change the role of lovability in every corner of their lives. 

Anchor your identity in who you really are

We’ll help you define (or redefine) the core aspects of your brand by taking a deep dive into what you and your work are all about. We’ll look at everything from mission to marketing to help you clearly articulate what you do and why it matters. With available creative services to develop logos, copy, websites, and other collateral along the way, we’ll make sure you have the marketing tools you need as soon as you’re ready for them. Typical programs last 12 weeks.

Get strategic guidance as you grow

We’ll roll up our sleeves and work with you and your team to help you stay connected to what matters most as your company grows. We’ll help you integrate new insights about your work, prioritize growth opportunities, and with available creative services we can help evolve your marketing tools in real time to keep pace with where your company is headed. Typical coaching programs last 6 to 12 months.


About Jonathan.

Jonathan Mischke has spent the last 20 years helping companies find innovative ways to connect with their customers and communicate about what they do. With a background in design and marketing, he's developed campaigns for brands including Nike, Apple, Google, Facebook and Kelloggs. Jonathan founded Door 4 to honor his own sense of purpose, and to champion authenticity and human connection as driving forces in our business culture. 


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